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We want to ensure everyone’s experience is enjoyable and safe. For that reason, we ask that our staff, instructors, and students treat one another with respect and follow these guidelines at all times when they are driving:


  • Place any bags or purses in the back seat to prevent any problems with the accelerator, brake, and/or clutch pedals. 

  • No passengers allowed. This is a private one on one lesson. 

  • Wear shoes that are appropriate and safe for driving (no flip flops, platform or high heels)

  • Turn off and put away all phones or any other electronic devices.

  • Please schedule classes ahead of time. You can schedule your driving lessons online. Please note that there may not be many openings during peak season. Peak Season begins Late Spring and Summer is our peak season, so please book ahead of time for the best possible times and schedule. You are always welcome to keep checking the Calendar in case someone cancels an appointment. 

  • If you must cancel or reschedule, please let us know in advance. If you cancel under 48 hours, we will charge you $50 as a penalty for not letting us know ahead of time.

  • When you schedule an appointment, the instructor will show up during the time reserved for the lesson. The instructor and/or office will attempt to call and text you they have arrived. They will wait 10 minutes. If there is no response it will be considered a cancellation. We will send an invoice of $50 and cancel all lessons until you pay the fee. Then you will be free to schedule lessons again on the online portal. If the spot is taken, that is not our responsibility to take responsible. 

  • The instructor or company has the right to reschedule the lessons if there is a vehicle breakdown.

  • The instructor or company has the right to reschedule the lessons if weather conditions are dangerous. This includes snow over 1.5 inches accumulation, icy rain, heavy fog, and extreme cold temperatures.

  • The student has the choice of driving in the rain. It is highly recommended to reschedule if the student is nervous or anxious.

  • During the mock road test, if the instructor does not feel safe to put the student in line for the test, the instructor will take the student where they were picked up. 

  • Always wear a seatbelt

  • Obey all traffic laws, signs, and signals

  • Never drive at a speed that is unsafe for the conditions or unsafe for other people

  • Never drive when impaired by alcohol, drugs or sleep deprivation.

  • Show a healthy concern for other drivers and the environment

  • Follow the Instructor’s driving requests at all times.

  • Bring your Illinois Instruction Permit/U.S. Drivers License with you for every lesson as well as a Illinois ID or Valid Passport. No school ID or anything that is not an official form of ID. Your State Drivers License will count as a form of Identification. 

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